Weight Watchers Health Solutions Together, we can go Beyond the Scale

Obesity may be the center of many underlying issues your workplace is facing. With more than 50 years of experience, Weight Watchers can partner with you to change your employees' perspective on weight loss and help them make meaningful and lasting changes to their overall well-being.

We are making real changes in employees’ lives with our scientifically-backed food program, fitness that fits their lives, and an overall focus on their personal fulfillment.

Our Beyond the Scale Approach

Weight Watchers® Beyond the Scale program delivers our most personal, holistic approach ever. Our program goes beyond just the numbers on the scale, so your employees can focus on themselves.


We are focused on making healthy choices simple choices. Give your employees a fresh approach to healthy eating that goes beyond calorie counting.


Get employees moving with a simple way to track all their activities, no matter how big or small.


When they feel great, they do great. That’s why we focus on employees’ overall well-being, to make sticking with a weight-loss plan easier.

Connecting our platform to your organization

Promotion & engagement

All the marketing tools you'll need to communicate the information employees need to know in fresh and exciting way.

Benefit offerings

Special variations of the program that work best for your work environment and type of employees.

Member data & reporting

An analysis with insightful statistics on participants and results.

Account management & implementation

Access to a dedicated account manager to help employee enrollment and engagement a success.

Together, we have the opportunity to make Weight Watchers a meaningful benefit in your organization. We seamlessly connect our range of services to your current preventive health strategies and initiatives

A Weight-Loss Program That Syncs With Their Lives
Engaging Content & Tools
Online & Mobile
Inspiring Meetings & Leaders
Peer-To-Peer Support

They have three ways to join:


Want more personal encouragement to get your employees started? They'll get guidance from a trained Leader, the in-person motivation from members who are on the same path, and access to a full suite of digital tools. 


​Perfect if your employees are on the go and want a lot of flexibility. Healthy choices become simple with our easy-to-use digital tools combined with motivation from our online community.

Weight Watchers for Diabetes

Tailored to those with type 2 diabetes featuring access to Meetings, digital tools and unlimited support from a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Committed to an evidence-based, scientifically proven approach

WW vs. DIY

More effective than do-it-yourself*

WW vs. Professionally-delivered programs

More effective than obesity clinic programs in producing 10% weight loss**

WW vs. PCP

More effective for weight loss than physician counseling***


The most cost-effective clinically-proven, nonsurgical weight loss treatment****

*Johnston et al. American Journal of Medicine 2013 45:s217.
**Pinto AM et al. 21 (4): 673–680, 2013.
***Jebb et al., Lancet 2011 Oct 22;378(9801):1485-92.
****Finkelstein et al. Obesity, September 2014, Volume 22, #9, 1942-51

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