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There are plenty of weight-loss apps and programs out there, but ours are very different. We have a full suite of digital tools that are powered by a proven plan.

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You live your life; Weight Watchers Online helps you stay on track.

Restaurants. Grocery stores.The gym. You're covered.

*Weight Watchers Mobile Apps are available to Weight Watchers Online and eTools subscribers on select devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android

Check out some of the features you’ll find in our apps** and online.

Restaurant finder.

Easily decode your favorite menus.

Bar code scanner

If it’s in the grocery store, you can add it to your weight-loss plan.


Access an ever-growing database of over 4,000 recipes and 200,000 foods.

Sites for men and women

Men and women approach weight-loss differently. Seems obvious, but many plans don’t offer customized sites. We do.

Online doesn't have tomean totally alone

Our online community is a great place to get in touch with other people following Weight Watchers, and you’ll find our Facebook fans are pretty passionate and pretty helpful too.

Plus, we now have a new Webcast series to help you get going with Simple Start or get the most out of Weight Watchers.

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†Webcasts included with Online subscriptions.

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