Why Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers Online for Men isn't some random app or calorie counter — it’s a weight-loss plan, customized for guys. Like toys? You get a suite of digital tools so you can stay on track whether you’re at a bar, business lunch, or ballpark.

FYI: Weight Watchers has been rated #1 Best Weight-Loss Plan by U.S. News & World Report.

You can eat that. And that. And that.

Seriously — no food is off-limits. You can eat anything you want. You’ll just learn to do it a whole lot smarter.

We’ve got your back

Weight Watchers Mobile makes it simple to stay on track.

Comprehensive apps Get instant accountability with our easy-to-use apps. Click. Track. Done.

Tons of choices Over 200,000 foods and 4,000 recipes, so you never get bored.

Cheat Sheets Out to eat? At a bar? Our Cheat Sheets help you find the best bet on the menu.

Snap & Track Don't feel like tracking? Snap a photo of your food and track it later.

Activity tracker Track how much you move, then swap what you earn for food.

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What does it cost?

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